Thursday, December 21, 2017


hye everyone! 
Early this month,  on 9 December 2017. One of my classmate is getting married. Congratulation to Anuar and wife for their wedding day. Almost the whole class went to the wedding day. 

We eake up early that morning since we planned to go at 6.30 a.m because we dont want to missed the akad ceremony. 

We arrived at 10.30am that day and we make it to see the akad ceremony. Here are some picture of the wedding day. 

Anuar x Athirah


After the wedding we are going to hang out at the Ipoh City.

Ais kepal

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Haluu!  Welcome to my blog. 

So for the past two weeks i already got an assingment from my industrial training. I've benn given a task to design ang pao or money envelop for Chines New Year. 

Early of this month,  i design two different ang pao but have been rejected since the company wants peony flower as the decoration. 

These two are the first design of the ang pao

Since the first time i got this task,  my bos doesnt say what kind of ang pao he wants,  so i just randomly design the ang pao. Then after few weeks he requested to habe peony flower as the decoration.

These are the second design

Im using two different flower since im getting confused about peony flower.  I hope that i could complete my task perfectly. 


Hai gais! 

This post is quite special for me personally. This time i would like to share with you guys that i become MEN IN BLACK.  first of all Men In Black is a story about guy wearing suit and become some kind of earth protector from bad alien and beast. You guys should try google it and watch the movie. 

So my final year project is alnost over. Our final job is our exhibition.  The theme was MEN IN BLACK.  Everybody waring a suit-look-alike.  We exhibit our final year project at QUILL CITY mall.  This our first time collaboration with QuullCityMall. It haooen for two days and it was the best day for 2017. The best memories that we could have.  Big thanks to Mr. m for giving us this oppurtunity to try aomething different a d new.  It a good experience. It is tiring day but fill with live, fun and sad. What can i say,  my final year tak hambar.  

Here are aome pictures that i want to share with you guys. 


haluu everyone.  Hai to the new stalker! 
Welcome to my blog. 

So today i would like to share with you guys about my first experience goint to hounted park. Yes park,  not a hounted house. Okay let me tell you a little bit about night of fright. 

Night of Fright is a theme park where there is more than 10 haunted places/house need to be discover.  It sounds more than scary. It was held at sunway lagoon theme park. I went there on the last night. It was awesome and fun yet tiring. The park was quite big and me and my friend does not have much time to go every each of the haunted places. 

There are so many scary character from a lot of movies including ghost busters. I hope i could go again soon. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

LVA(liveabeaute) PART TIMER

Hai gais! How was you weekend?  Good?  Well me too!  Haha im kinda excited to share with you guys my weekend.  Okay last weekend(28&29 oct 2017) i have been taking an oppontunity to join an event which is held at Matrade Convention Centre.  It is a Women Fest which is focused on health and beauty.

I work at LIVEABEAUTE(LVA) booth as a promoter.  Im giving flyers to all the visitor. i work there for two days. LVA is skin care product that used the ingredient and technology from Switzerland. it have there skin care series which is Hydra Series, Sensitive Series and Men Series. other than that there also Diamond UV Foundation, Enzhyme Scrub, V Shape and serum for Oily skin, Instant lifting Serum and Whitening Serum. All product are having discount on that day only. So damn tired for two days. My leg hurt. So here are some picture that i want to share with.

other booth

other booth

front door

Dining place

my booth LVA

taking picture with Aisyah Sinclair

foodtruck from Tapak Urban Street Dining

Okay this is LVA lil family.  Thankyou for giving me a good experiance. 

xx misha rihta

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Hai gais and welcome to my blog for my new viewer! 

So today i would like to share with you guys my dance practise. Okay for your information, this dance practise is for my final year presentation which will be held at Quill City Mall in this coming December. We will dance for Men In Black's song. It quite catchy song.  The worst thing is there is a part where the tempo is fast. So we need to dance faster.  IT NOT EASY GAIS!  hahaha but its good experiance tho.  

So who wanna dance battle against me?  

xx misha rihta

2nd FYP Progress Presentation

Hello peeps!

Welcome to may blog.  How are you guys doing?! I hope you guys are fine and healthy.  Soo today is quite a hectic versus nervous day actually. Why?  Well today i have Fyp Progress Presentation day (2mnit 10 sec). I haven't sleep properly the whole freaking week!  Obviously,  last minutes is equal to student.

I am not really satisfied with my presentation. I tjink i can do so much more better than what i presented ealier. Im kinda dissapointed to my self. Please gais NO LAST MINUTE WORK! its not good.  By the way,  here are some picture that i snap while presentation.
Judges: sir zaky, sir hanif and Mr. m

One of my friend presenting her work

Another one of my friend presenting his work

Mr. M is giving his point of view 

Yeayy!!  Sandwich and mineral water as brunch! 

My work

Im using two laptop to completing my rendering.  Im soo crying at the moment!

So that is that!  I just sleep for an hour before presentation. Hm i hope my next presentation will be better than today's presentation. Bye!!  

xx misha rihta


hye everyone!  Early this month,  on 9 December 2017. One of my classmate is getting married. Congratulation to Anuar and wife for their ...