Sunday, December 17, 2017


Hai gais! 

This post is quite special for me personally. This time i would like to share with you guys that i become MEN IN BLACK.  first of all Men In Black is a story about guy wearing suit and become some kind of earth protector from bad alien and beast. You guys should try google it and watch the movie. 

So my final year project is alnost over. Our final job is our exhibition.  The theme was MEN IN BLACK.  Everybody waring a suit-look-alike.  We exhibit our final year project at QUILL CITY mall.  This our first time collaboration with QuullCityMall. It haooen for two days and it was the best day for 2017. The best memories that we could have.  Big thanks to Mr. m for giving us this oppurtunity to try aomething different a d new.  It a good experience. It is tiring day but fill with live, fun and sad. What can i say,  my final year tak hambar.  

Here are aome pictures that i want to share with you guys. 

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