Tuesday, October 24, 2017

2nd FYP Progress Presentation

Hello peeps!

Welcome to may blog.  How are you guys doing?! I hope you guys are fine and healthy.  Soo today is quite a hectic versus nervous day actually. Why?  Well today i have Fyp Progress Presentation day (2mnit 10 sec). I haven't sleep properly the whole freaking week!  Obviously,  last minutes is equal to student.

I am not really satisfied with my presentation. I tjink i can do so much more better than what i presented ealier. Im kinda dissapointed to my self. Please gais NO LAST MINUTE WORK! its not good.  By the way,  here are some picture that i snap while presentation.
Judges: sir zaky, sir hanif and Mr. m

One of my friend presenting her work

Another one of my friend presenting his work

Mr. M is giving his point of view 

Yeayy!!  Sandwich and mineral water as brunch! 

My work

Im using two laptop to completing my rendering.  Im soo crying at the moment!

So that is that!  I just sleep for an hour before presentation. Hm i hope my next presentation will be better than today's presentation. Bye!!  

xx misha rihta

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