Monday, October 30, 2017

LVA(liveabeaute) PART TIMER

Hai gais! How was you weekend?  Good?  Well me too!  Haha im kinda excited to share with you guys my weekend.  Okay last weekend(28&29 oct 2017) i have been taking an oppontunity to join an event which is held at Matrade Convention Centre.  It is a Women Fest which is focused on health and beauty.

I work at LIVEABEAUTE(LVA) booth as a promoter.  Im giving flyers to all the visitor. i work there for two days. LVA is skin care product that used the ingredient and technology from Switzerland. it have there skin care series which is Hydra Series, Sensitive Series and Men Series. other than that there also Diamond UV Foundation, Enzhyme Scrub, V Shape and serum for Oily skin, Instant lifting Serum and Whitening Serum. All product are having discount on that day only. So damn tired for two days. My leg hurt. So here are some picture that i want to share with.

other booth

other booth

front door

Dining place

my booth LVA

taking picture with Aisyah Sinclair

foodtruck from Tapak Urban Street Dining

Okay this is LVA lil family.  Thankyou for giving me a good experiance. 

xx misha rihta

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